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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

day 1 of 3 days off. i ran errands and treated myself to lunch. i got Starbucks, i got to listen to The Civil Wars kick ass new CD Barton Hollow, i took a walk.

life is awesome. bitches can hate all they want. they can try as hard as they can to convince themselves of love, happiness and of being interesting. sadly, they aren't. desperate, sad, stupid, fat and ugly? definitely. i laugh, i honestly point and LAUGH.

a year ago, i was so in love i let a person who didn't deserve my friendship fool me into it. i thought that since she was his friend, she was my friend. i learned later- that's not true, never was true and she was a big, fat liar of epic proportions. i'm upset i wasted time, MONEY, energy and sympathy on a person of unsympathetic truth. she used me to gain closeness to the person i was in love with, was in love with me and whom i was happy with.

that's ok. i'm getting ready to take a huge, major, uplifting life step tomorrow. i will not only survive, i will TRIUMPH. i will end up higher, better and more happy than ever. a year ago was the opening of my heart to more love and happiness than i ever hoped could be my life. it was just the beginning- not an ending like i feared 6 months ago.

so take that, LRTCDD. what goes around, comes around. yes, yes Karma really is golden. my light shines brighter and more golden than any pathetic attempt you will ever gain or can ever pretend to hope for and strive towards. i will always be above you in all things.

i know the truth. unlike some people...i'm not afraid to be happy, love my life and accept my Karma. i know my light will forever shine.

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