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Sunday, June 19, 2011

things were a lot different...

a year ago. i'm ok with all of it though. c'est la vie. my life is truly awesome. awe-inspiring and never fails to make me thank my lucky stars and The Universe.

a year ago i thought something was going to happen, work out, be awesome and change my life. it did even if it didn't last this time. je ne regret rien...

i regret nothing.

the weather is perfect, my new work sitch is kick ass and life is still movin' on up. i'm like The Jeffersons and shit. i have the most amazing, loving, caring, terrific family. there aren't enough superlatives to describe my friends, to describe their unconditional love. a year ago i was tricked into thinking that some things were one way but truly another. some shit ya gotta learn the hard way. i take the lesson to my heart and remember i'm the better person (in every fucking way) for it.

i love my life.

let me state it again: i love my life.

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