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Saturday, June 04, 2011

i thought about writing a blog about Karma and shit but then i realized...nah, i'll leave it in suspense.

what goes around, comes around.

i have my rough days, like everyone else, but goddamn do i LOVE my life. when the going gets rough; i count my blessings. i have too many to enumerate. certain heartaches i am starting to accept for the gift and lesson they are. i will never stop caring or missing. i still miss WP and he'll be dead 10 years in less than 2 wks. The Universe provides me with a wonderful life and i thank Goddess every single day for it. i'm moving on to a new, exciting, interesting chapter of my amazing life. it can only go up from here. the view is pretty fucking fantastic. i don't live a life of fear or anger or bitterness. i have what i want and need, for the most part, and my life kicks ass. it all comes from within, i don't need another person to try to fill in my holes. i am happy being me. i don't need a false sense of love and relationship to pretend i have what i don't.

listening to the new Foo & i hear so many turns of phrase that resonate with me. don't waste change your mind, you're wasting light. you and what army. one of these days. the list goes on while i spend hours plugged in making myself healthy and strong.

my favorite: "and when you said i couldn't give you enough...i started giving you up."

i sure did.

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