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Sunday, March 20, 2011

la la la laaaaaa sometimes i wonder if anyone even reads this stupid non-blog. hahaha well, i mean other than my recent ex boyfriend's current 'girlfriend' (using the term very loosely.) who twitter stalks me obsessively.

did i just say that aloud? oops. my bad.

it's late, i should be asleep but i'm too busy being awesome. that takes up a lot of time when i'm not being jobless, carless, spoiled and living at home for free, bashing people on the internet (ouch!) and laying in my bed watching TV. when i should be "getting my life straight."

cause you know, people who aren't really your friend actually can speak to not only what type of person you are but how you spend your time. which, for the record, isn't always documented in detail on twitter. i'm not that super deluxe fucking ass lame. 

stalk on, Super Deluxe Delusional. i'll delete this in a few days. i'm going to go to Austin, Tx first to not only see Dale Watson but see Dale Watson up close at The Continental Club. ahem. haters gonna hate. i also have several other groovy, enlightened, loving real people to spend my time with instead of Low Rent Trash Can Debbie Downers.

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