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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6 months ago, a huge upheaval occured in my life. a year ago, my entire Universe shifted (for the better) and made me a new person.

i'm thankful. i'm grateful. i'm blessed.

i have days where i forget where i am, where i come from and where i am going. never for long, i don't falter in my path and i always end up right side up. The Universe provides and i remain a faithful believer in Karma and it's unerring patterns.

a few months ago, a person of questionable morals, ethics and virtue attempted to stomp me down by telling me their version of "truth". i was  told to get my life straight by a thing that not even a year before (this time exactly a year ago.) was in the same boat, of sorts, i had/have been in. how the worm turns. i will say this: i'm upward as always.

i don't need a job, car or man to feel successful, important, loved and needed. i have 2 of the 3 and i feel the same today as i did when the ill-given "truth" (ha!) was made.

nothing feels better than knowing that living well is the best revenge. being happy, strong, healthy, cute, fun and awesome is the best revenge. my heart hurts for decisions not made by me that affected my life and i'm learning to accept. acceptance is my lesson to learn this lifetime with patience. i have full confidence i will succeed.

with love, beauty, freedom and truth on my side, how can i not?

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