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yup yup.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i have a person in my life who makes me ridiculously happy. it makes me feel "schmoopy" for lack of better term. cheesy, dorky, silly are all elements of this feeling. i couldn't ask for a more roundabout way to start a friendship online, much less a relationship. i don't know where it's going but i know where i'm heading.

i believe in Karma. i believe in the simple precept that what goes around, comes around. some call it The Golden Rule : Do Unto Others As You Would Do Unto Them. it's a much older concept but i dig it. i have experienced life remembering to be grateful, thankful and acknowledgement of them. i count my blessings...of which this new relationship is high on the list.

some days i think, i don't have a job, much money or a car. i live with my dad, in a nice house, at 38 and most of my possessions reside in the garage. i'm healthy, loved by so many and i am happy. i don't need anything else...

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