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Friday, August 14, 2009

i'm amazed at all the bullshit support for that fucking fuck Michael Vick. i wish they'd all go and suck a dick.

he abused animals. he did it on purpose for the sole reason of making money and entertainment. that's just wrong.

i hope he dies a horrible, painful death full of mutilation and abuse. exactly like what he knowingly did to those innocent animals.

now, lest you assume, i am well aware of other animal abusers and abuse. i'm also well aware that they are, in fact, animals and not human beings. fuck those fucks too. i hope they all die horrible and painful deaths.

but Michael Vick in particular i hope gets a big giant dick up his ass frequently. it should be in PRISON which is where he fucking belongs. he deserves to continue to lose everything in his life, including all his millions. that he honestly didn't work THAT hard for. wow, i know how to play a sport, whoopie doo. BFD.

fuck all you fucks. period. and feel free to extend the same courtesy to me. but i know i don't support a person (not a human being, period. end of.) who willfully abused dogs to make MORE money. like his millions playing football just was not enough. fuck you.

i'm going to be sure to vocally boycott all their sponsors and his "supporters". fuck all of you for giving this dickhead money AGAIN. after you KNOW what he did. he ain't ever gonna be that great on the football field, douchebags.

well, that's my Michael Vick rant.

die, Vick, die. but first, i hope you know exactly what it feels like for what you did to those innocent dogs, you bastard.


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