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Sunday, August 06, 2006

oh, let's see...uh...i broke up with the dickhead supreme after he cheated on me. that 'person' has Man Shoulders and nappy assed red hair, huge saggy tits and many badly done tattoos and piercings. she's a skanky assed ho' is what i'm saying. and now he's apparently knocked her up! YAY! i'm so glad he ruined his life this way and that i'm better off without him, his pot smoking habits and addiction to MMORPGs like EverQuest and SilkRoad Online. of course, with his imminent joyous arrival all that has gotta stop soon!!! AHAHAHAHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

best part of all is that i predicted he would either get an STD or get "oopsed" by her. and here we are less than three months later and apparently she gon' be a baby momma again! maybe the third time is the charm? she's got two daughters, neither of whom she has any custody of and we won't mention the revoked driver's license. oops! :) or the felony conviction record, the jail time or the fact that she had to adopt out her baby because her mother refused to take custody of both daughters. she only wanted the older one! NICE!!

so we can see the excellent upbringing this fine specimen of womanhood has gotten. and apparently seen fit to pass on to as many fucking brat spawn as possible. i'm so glad that Jay worked for nearly 10 years to get a kick ass prestigious promotion and raise for her!!!!! hope you enjoy having a real sponge that you can't just threaten & kick out when the whim strikes you. you have RESPONSIBILITIES now!! AAHAHHHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!! so now he gets to have a kid [this is someone who can't stand children and has never spent more than a few hours with older ones. he can't even change a diaper!] with someone who lost custody of her two previous attempts at motherhood!! cause i know she ain't gonna have that brat and then go back to working for $6/hr at the plant of the company he's VP of and then pay daycare!!!

have fun living with someone living on your couch and not doing a fucking thing to improve herself, your life or the life of the apparent new life you've created. nice to know that the soul your baby will have was conceived in a relationship started on lies, cheating, betrayal and liking it up the ass as well!!!!!!!!

fuck you, Jay. you too, Man Shoulders Shannon P.

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