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Thursday, July 28, 2011

there is nothing better than family. i love my family. my dad, my sister and her kids are everything to me. i miss my mom, she was the glue that held all of us together when shit went down.

shit's going down and it ain't gonna be pretty or easy. we come out ahead because that is who we are and that's just what we do.

i love the people i choose to let into my life, family or friends. i'm thankful i have friends who are my family, by choice, by a need to belong, people who are my tribe.

i'll never give that or them up. i'll never back down and i'll never back out. i fight til the end. believe that shit.

you fuck with my people, you fuck with me. you don't want to fuck with me. really. you don't want to do it. i have love, faith and truth on my side. we will win and overcome.

my mother would rise from the grave if she could to make sure this fuckery does not stand. well, she's no longer here for it to be so. i will make sure it doesn't happen except on the side of us, the side of right.

believe that, you sonofabitch motherfucking asshole. trust.

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