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Thursday, November 03, 2011

and this one time...

i have so many things i should blog fundraiser being a rousing success, being on Twitter while i see these amazing prochoice feminists inspire my ass to be better, the fight for reproductive justice and freedom.  i should and i will. but first:


you read that shit right, Kurt Sutter- genius, decided to reward two loyal fans with an all expenses paid trip to LA for a little show love, a little meet & greet. thanks to the generosity of Mark, aka Twisted Shadow, inviting me- i get to be one of the very lucky few. i could write blog after blog about how Twitter changed my life, made me the woman i am today, turned my life around, gave me friends i'll consider so for the rest of my life but i'm going to say it again- i'm the luckiest motherfucking lady on the goddamn planet today. every day i wake up and i CHOOSE gratitude. i choose to find one thing, anything, something and i give thanks. from the heart thanks. it's a struggle and some days i do fail miserably at my task. i forget to remember the gratitude. not for long but it happens. sue me.

Sons of Anarchy is my all time favorite TV show. ever. The Wire? awesome. Twin Peaks? love that shit so hard. Homicide: Life on the Street? fuck yes all day long. Friends? Chandler is my dream dude. but Sons? there is something about this show that i cannot get enough of. the drama, the comedy, the psychotic motherfucking bullshit. more, more, more, give me more. i got sucked in just seeing the AD on a random late night in mid Aug of 2008. a biker show? cool. i'll probably check that shit out. i saw more ads, more commercials, a little teaser here and there. i hit up the Intarwebz (that's what us savvy hot bitches do.) and found SutterInk, Kurt Sutter's blog. i didn't discover Twitter at that point (damnit) but i was EXCITED. this show lived up to every TV expectation a TV addict like me wants in a show to live and call her very own.

i discovered Twitter roughly the same time i was halfway through the 1st SOA season. ooh, i can TWEET about this show? and people will read it? AWESOME. i tweeted, i found like minded motherfuckers and here we all are like 3 yrs later. i hit it off with Mark (@Twisted_Shadow) and we've been tweeps ever since. we don't just have SOA in common. when Sutter announced this fan thing, we both said to each other- hey if i win (yeah right hahahaa!) i'll take you.

well his ass won. and he kept his word on taking me. i'm grateful to him, his understanding wife and the whole Sons of Anarchy world. i can't believe i'm going to turn 40 a week after this whole amazing experience is going to take place. i can't wait. i firmly and truly believe that Sons of Anarchy fans are the BEST FANS EVER. i haven't been proven wrong yet.  i've made a friend in Mark for life- he's not just a tweep but he's a homie.

i expect i'll be dorking it up in LA to the hilarity of many people i've never met. i know that Kurt Sutter is notoriously socially uncomfortable so i hope i don't fuck it up. one of my BFFs upon receiving my news said "You are such a fucking goober. You will totally fuck this up." she's known me since 1982 so she seems fairly confident i will completely fucking goober it up and embarrass myself appropriately. we can only hope the cameras will catch it so the millions of fans can see me being me.

thanks again to Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy, FX, The SOA tweeps, Myra & her husband (the other winner!), all my SOA tweeps and just twitter in fucking general. a special, special thank you and you rock to Mark M. (and his wife, Kimberly!!!!)  you are fucking awesome to give a dorky ass chick like me a spot at your side to experience this awesomeness up close. i'll never forget that, yo.

so yeah, going to LA to meet some SOA peeps and tweeps up close and personal. my mom would be so proud.

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