supa fly shit hot...

yup yup.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

days off, sleeping in and a new outfit for going out in makes life awesome.

Saturday should be an interesting day. i remember a year ago spending money on someone who was ungrateful, complaining and just an ugly soul. i hope she enjoys herself this year again at my expense. lol

i'm considering making the twitter public but then again, i love knowing bitches can't be knowing my bidness and are left twisting their saggy ass titties in the wind. it's awesome. it makes one wonder why some fucking tricks who say they're happy don't really seem to be so and they spend an awful lot of time worrying about people they claim to hate. hahahahaha oh, i love it. i revel in knowing that it's all a house of cards and the wind is blowing.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

this week has been an emotional challenge but i'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. i can't wait for my days off so i can hit the gym in high gear, wash my new wheels (sidebar: SQUEE.) and get shit done around the house.

i've got big plans. big, awesome, ball rocking life changing plans. i can't wait.

i love that i can crank up the iPod, roll down the windows and drive to work with a gorgeous bay view. i get to work and get excited. i work with awesome people. i can't wait to see what life brings every day.

see? this is what happens when you don't act like a bitch ass trick and fuck over friends and backstab. you are rewarded with your Karma. a new amazing job, a new car and friends that continue to rock my socks and make my life full of love. my Karma has blessed me with real love beyond measure and true, lasting friendships with people who don't try to punk me out over a dude. people who don't use me as the means to an end, bitches who crow over their ill-gotten gains or spoils. now that's Karma. Karma really is golden. again, my life is shiny, bright, sunny and fucking better than certain people...i know i'm not sitting at home every night acting like uhhh...a drunk ass fool over a man. AHEM.

i'm off to drink my mocha coconut Frappucino, bask in my M@cbook that was a gift from an amazing human being and remember who i am, where i come from and love my entire life. the bad shit is a speed bump in the big, fun parking lot of life. some bitches are the big ass potholes next to the curb. right where their bitch asses belong...

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