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Friday, March 23, 2012

i am bowling for abortion access for lower income women, did you know that? women who might not have the means or funds to pay for a legal, medical procedure? well i am. i believe in going Balls Out for Abortion Access! i'm Striking Down Barriers!

i am doing an awesome Heathers themed Bowl-A-Thon for Lilith Fund. i'm going to be "Heather Duke" who was played by Shannen Doherty. i'm going to wear green, carry a copy of Moby Dick around and generally be a mega-bitch. why? because i can be! it's going to be VERY and i can't wait to participate and have some serious fun. any donation, in any amount is a raffle ticket entry for 2 amazing prizes. my friend Jenny Mathews is generously donating a piece of her AMAZING artwork (it'll be a surprise which one i picked). one will be some sort of jewelry piece by Lorigami (Heathers themed or green i'm sure) all handmade with love. i can't wait to send those out to my amazing donors. Jenny and Lori are friends who want to support me in my efforts to bring abortion access to all women. how awesome are they? go and buy their stuff, please. i mean, they are AMAZING LADIES THAT I LOVE.

if you donate anything- i'll be sending you a lovely, handmade personalized thank you card of me in my Heathers regalia. it'll be very. trust. i'm going Balls Out for it- big 80s style hair, makeup and outfit. i'm not the only one so check all of our pages out! we have an actual Veronica and a guy to be our JD. IT IS SO AWESOME.

i wrote a blog a few months back about how Lilith Fund changed my life. i fundraised almost $500 for them for my 40th birthday. well, i've since met Heather B. and she's even more amazing as a friend in real life. abortion bringin' ladies together for friendship. i got my very best friend, my Nerd Soul Mate Amy to do a Virtual Bowl-A-Thon in Las Vegas. i got my friend here in Corpus, Susan to join up with me.

if you have even $5 you will be helping a woman make the right choices for her and her life. i myself donated $45 & i worked hard for that money and it was worth it. i'm hoping to donate to all my friend's pages before the end of this shindig.

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