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Friday, September 30, 2011

my birthday wish.

i'm doing 2 different fundraisers for my upcoming 40th birthday. i turn The Big 4-0 on Nov. 20th and i want to raise at least $400 for each of them. i know we can do this.

Lilith Fund Birthday Wish!

Heifer International Birthday Wish!

the first is a local prochoice abortion fund that provides low-income women with the funds needed to help with their choice.

the 2nd is for the AWESOME Heifer organization. they provide support & help for women and their children & villages. they help women help themselves.

my mom was all about helping those learn to help themselves. i take her belief in social activism, social justice, love & compassion with me on my life's journey. i am going to be 40. i want to celebrate not just my life but LIFE. i am grateful to be ALIVE and happy.

please, please reblog, repost, retweet, post to FB or whatever other social media you can. send it via text, email or by fucking smoke signal. i want to blow this fundraiser out of the water, i want to exceed my every wildest insane dream i could think of for this 40th birthday wish.

i love my life. i love my mom. i love being prochoice.


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