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Monday, January 02, 2012

i've been busy living and more importantly- loving my life. i went to Los Angeles & met awesome people, turned 40, cleaned a bunch of houses, drank a lot of Starbucks & baked some dark chocolate brownies that changed me as a human being.

i'm still processing the Sons of Anarchy Los Angeles fan event. it was such a great weekend. Mark (his wife & family too) and Myra & her DH were so fun and all around awesome. the hotel was top-notch, the whole experience was just awesome. i use that word a lot (overuse it, really) but i can't think of a better word. everyone involved in it and who was there was nothing but fucking cool as shit. i made real friends for life that night and on that trip. i'll never forget it. words don't do it justice.

i turned 40 a week after. i love that i tell people that and they freak out. it's a nice ego stroke for me. it's nice to know that a single gal of a certain age gets told she looks like a teenager by some famous people. that was one fuck of a compliment- i'll tell you.

i've decided to move my work life into self-employment by housecleaning. hard work & stiff muscles are my life. i get such satisfaction from it that being exhausted is worth it. also, i make a lot more money for a lot less work. i like this aspect.

i also love that i rub hater ass bitches the wrong way. hate on. i rarely waste more than a hot minute on people who only want to drag me down to their low, low level. even if i dug a tunnel- i'd still be high & above them. they serve only as a reminder what ingratitude looks like- ugly, trashy & deserving of all the bad Karma that seems to come their way. i wake up grateful every single morning, i know i have an awesome life. i work hard for it.

i can't wait to move, pay off my car, go on vacation somewhere new & exciting and keep on shining. that's the part the haters can't stand- true happiness. i won't pretend i'm always up and happy but when i realize i'm not being myself- i set myself straight and refocus.

Happy 2012, bitches. this is MY year. i'm going to only go up and forward- faster, stronger & better than last year.

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